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12-29-2008 7:23:27 PM CST
Not quite sure who that other Vickie Lynn is but it is not Vicki Lynn Fjeldsted!!! If anyone is reading this and is coming to our New Year's Eve dance is Broken Arrow, please know that we are to bring a dessert to add to the dinner. Thanks to all the round up boy fans.

Vickie Lynn
12-25-2008 7:53:35 AM CST

Merry Christmas Round Up Boys!!! May God Bless you and your family! You ARE the BEST and we LOVE you ALL!

12-18-2008 10:07:19 AM CST
merry christmas round up boys. your music rocks.

12-17-2008 11:26:17 AM CST

Jim and Joy   jbaughman1957@att.net
10-18-2008 10:53:37 PM CST
Thank you Round Up Boys and "girls" for the great conversation at the breakfast table this morning at Thee Hubble House B&B in Winnsboro, TX. We enjoyed visiting with all of you and a BIG thank you to Jake - along with Bob and Kenny - for the great entertainment! Jake, you are an awesome fiddle player!! We will watch your calendar and maybe one day can catch one of your shows!!

Kelli   kelmeldun11@yahoo.com
10-10-2008 11:19:11 PM CST

boy that bass play is the best EVER! :-) i love watching the round up boys... see you guys monday!(why dont you guys have a softball player smiley face?)

10-06-2008 3:17:55 PM CST
Me too!

Parker Fjeldsted
10-06-2008 3:16:38 PM CST
Happy Halloween!! I love the Round Up Boys because they play cool music and because they sing and play and dance.

10-06-2008 3:13:57 PM CST
Broken Arrow loves the Round Up Boys!

10-05-2008 5:28:47 PM CST
Your music is just the best dance music around. I particularly like the way your steel guy plays. He is very talented. I have danced from here to Texas and you guys are just the best. Keep up the good work.

Okie Fan
10-03-2008 12:41:43 PM CST
One of the best western swing and traditional country bands to come along in a long, long time. Keep the music alive and "keep it country". Also, one of the best dressed bands - a real class act for sure! Oklahoma fan!!!!!!!

09-26-2008 1:22:36 PM CST
truly i admired your talent but more than anything you are the best dressed band in tulsa and i appreciate that. good luck and wish you the best. a good friend

09-25-2008 12:21:03 PM CST
I am so proud to be the RUB's number one fan. I think they are a fabulous dance band. Their theme, "Have Fun or Get Out", is so appropriate because each member of the band really believes this. Don't EVEN think of replacing me with anybody else as your number one fan. Love, Geneve

A Devoted Dancer
09-25-2008 11:49:17 AM CST
You are the best dance band ever!!!

Jana Jae
09-22-2008 7:35:49 PM CST

Very cool site! Congratulations!! Attached is a photo of a couple very special young guy fiddlers!

Vicki   vfjeldsted@yahoo.com
09-05-2008 8:06:15 AM CST
Just love that youngest Round Up Boy. Great job Miss Web Master. Great band. Great Fans! Great, Great, Great.

Susan Duncan
08-15-2008 4:40:10 PM CST
I love this site! Very Awesome! Hope to see you soon! Susan

Enola Gay   enolagay@ksstradio.net
08-07-2008 8:54:38 AM CST
Let me say thanks again to The Round Ups Boys and Jake Duncan for making my event one the public will never forget! Thanks to the band (and wives) for coming to Sulphur Springs, Tx to celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy with us in July 2008....hot! but they made it like the "cool" guys the are! Your friend forever,Enola Gay

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